Replacement Window Costs | The Answer Is Not As Easy As Might Think

In 2010, it’s hard to imagine that anything ranks higher than costs when it comes to homeowners list for replacing their windows. Our users ask us all the time “how much do replacement windows cost?” There are no easy answers to this. I can tell you what an American Craftsman double-hung vinyl window from Home Depot that measures 28 in. x 54 in. with lowE3 insulated glass runs – $138.

This is definitely on the low end for a replacement window. The high end for just the window itself is $1000. Custom made bay and bow windows (a set of three windows) that are all attached will certainly be more expensive than this.

On average, replacement windows will run you $250 to $1000. Not installed. Click to read our full article detailing many more aspect of replacement window costs.

What’s it going to cost to have your windows installed? Well, nothing if you do it yourself. Most people can’t, won’t or shouldn’t  replace their own windows – usually a combination of these 3. It can be complicated stuff, especially if the opening don’t match EXACTLY with the replacement windows.

The average cost for installation is $200 a window. There is a HUGE range for installers – anything from what the guys outside home depot charge to what a certified and trained installer from Andersen windows is going to charge. And while the certified Andersen installers are going to be much more expensive (along with much pricier replacement windows), they probably provide an replacement window warranty that covers any issues that may arise during the installation process.

The bottom line is this: there is such a wide range of prices that  we can only provide a very broad range. That’s where you come in. We would love to hear from you about replacement window costs. Please include where you live, price you paid for windows, price you paid for installation, companies used and what your experience was like.

Share your experience with our online community and let others learn from your discoveries on how to find the best replacement window prices.

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