Are Replacement Windows Worth The Investment?

It’s not always cut and dry as to whether a home improvement project is “worth it?” The latest return on investment stats are out there indicate an 89% ROI on replacement windows. But this figure doesn’t take into account lots of factors that will help you out even more – lower energy bills, increased comfort and an easier time selling your house to potential buyers.

This means in the long run, replacing your windows is worth it. But not in the short run. One way to take advantage of nearly instant savings is by using the federal tax credit of up to $1500 for replacement windows. This will defray some of the cost, although this credit is likely to go away sometime in 2011 (just when many Americans are getting back on their feet and thinking about modest home improvement projects.)

Certainly saving 20% on your energy bills is a welcome prospect, but it’s hard to see those savings since they are rather subtle. It’s kind of a cost saver that you have to have faith in — and this can be tough to get excited about. Add up 15 years of the energy savings and you’ve got a dollar amount that you’d be licking your chops.

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