Anlin Windows Prices & Costs

Anlin windows prices vary from $400 installed when looking at the Monte Verde Series to $550 installed if you’re looking at double hung windows in the Coronado Series. The company produces middle range vinyl windows and the prices are comparable to Milgard, but lower than say a Amerimax. The company offers a twenty year warranty on parts and ten years on labor without any screen or breakage provisions.

Monte Verde Series

The Monte Verde Series is the entry level window they offer in vinyl. They are available as a slider or single hung only and many believe that that they have a slimmer frame and more features than the Milgard Tuscany.

Target Price – $400 installed

Catalina Series

The Catalina series from Anlin is an improvement on the Monte Verde range, but they are also only available as a single hung or slider window. These windows include double strength glass, super spacer and ventilation latch. There are not many color options available, but this is how Anlin manage to keep their prices affordable. These windows can be compared to the PlyGem Premium or the Soft Lite Classic series. You can find out more on the PlyGem windows prices page.

Target Price – $475 installed

Del Mar Series

The best way to describe the Del Mar series is that it is a Catalina frame except it has a brick molded look. These windows come with double strength glass, super spacer, ventilation latch, even sightlines and a frame with 2.75″ depth and 0.080 extrusion. They are more expensive than the Catalina and are compared against the Standard Sunrise windows.

Target Price – $495 installed

Coronado Series

This is the high end window series offered by Anlin which are available as a double slider or double hung. These windows have reinforced meeting rails, dual weather stripping and a pocket sill. They also come with a ventilation latch, super spacer, double strength glass and even sightlines. The frame is a 3.25″ depth with a 0.080 extrusion. Many feel that the pocket sill is poorly designed enabling water to seep into the frame and clog the holes. The Coronado range is compared to the Okna 500 Insul tech series and you can find out more on the Okna windows prices page.

Target Price – $550 installed

Anlin Windows Prices From Past Customers

12 Horizontal Sliders, 1 Patio Door
Dimensions: 72″W x 48″H (10), 96″W x 60″H (1), 36″W x 36″H (1), 72″H Patio Door.
Price: $8,100 total
Included product and install.
Location: Los Angeles, Ca.
Project bids from 2009.

11 DH Vinyls, 2 Picture Windows, 1 French Door
Dimensions: Standard DH, somewhat large picture windows
Cost: $11,800 total
Included cost of installation from local contractor.
Location: N/A
Project installed in 2008.

3 Catalina Windows, 1 Malibu Door (dual paned, low-e, no gas or grids)
Dimensions: 2 Horizontal Sliders (47″W x 59″H), 1 Double Slider (95″W x 48″H), 1 Patio Sliding Door (96″W x 79″H)
Price: $6375
Included prodict and cost of installation
Location: Southern California
Project bids from 2008.

Catalina Windows Series (with grids)
24 DHs, 1 Slider
Cost: $940 per window
Dimensions: N/A
Price included windows, tax and installation
Location: Southern California
Windows installed in 2008.

Anlin DHs, Pictures And Patio Doors
60″W x 40″H (4), 55″W x 35″H (1), 95″W x 50″H (1), 30″W x 32″H (1), 70″W x 80″H (2 patio door) (All have grids, low-e2 and argon)
Cost: $7600 total
Includes product and installation.
Location: Northern CA
Project bid from 2008.

Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors (Low-E glass, argon gas fills)
Dimensions: 3 Windows – 46″W x 42″H, 70″W x 34″H, 70″W x 34″H, 2 Doors – 71″W x 80″H (2)
Price: $5000
Included product and installation.
Location: San Jose, CA.
Project bids from 2006.

9 DH, 3 Transoms, 2 Small Picture Windows
Dimensions: DH- 46″W x 46″H
Price: $8500
Included product and installation.
Location: Sounthern California
Project completed in 2006.