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Editor’s Reviews

CWS is a Florida based window manufacturer that makes impact and no n impact vinyl and aluminum clad windows. They are a smaller company and sell mainly in the state of Florida and make a quality product. They are often compared to PGT. If I were in Florida and looking for a good vinyl window (especially an impact window), I would absolutely get a bid from both CWS and PGT to see how they compare in price and quality.

Bradley – Site Editor

CWS Window Prices

Here is a range for a standard sized double hung window including installation.

Entry Range: $300 – $400 installed

Mid Range: $500 – $600 installed

Premium Range: $600 – 700 installed

Custom Window Systems vs PGT 5400

We got a quote from two different window installers here in Central Florida, and both for PGT 5400 Series. Only 2 windows are of “standard size” (36 x 72), and 3 were 52 then 1 at 70″. The first quote was for $7077, and the second, for $5240 (but with financing, comes up to $5892). In the end, the first company almost matched the second at $5998. Anyway, I’ve been scouring your site for information on PGT 5400, but couldn’t really find much.

I’d like to know your opinion n a few things:

(1) Of course, did we get a good price or at least a fair one?
(2) Is PGT 5400 of a high end quality vinyl?
(3) How does PGT 5400 compare to Soft Lite?

I’d really appreciate your input.

Maria – Homeowner – from 2017

Site Editor’s Reply

Maria, the PGT5400 is a god mid quality vinyl single hung window. Your quote of $1000 per window is at first glance quite high (this might not be the case, but you need a couple more price quotes before you can confirm this or not). I would say that Soft-Lite is the better brand between the two, but keep in mind that each company offers a number of different series, from entry level to mid range to premium so its important to know what you are comparing.

I would absolutely get a bid from the Soft-Lite window dealer if you can. I would suggest going with the Classic or Pro (mid range), Imperial LS or Elements (high end). The Classic or Pro are good windows, probably a notch better than the 5400, but not by much.

I would also try and get a bid from CWS or Custom Window Systems, who are also based out of Florida, and are often considered the equivalent of PGT. CWS is a little less known than the PGT, but they make sure quality vinyl and aluminum clad windows.

Finally, you could always get a bid from Simonton on one of their better windows, including the Simonton Platinum Prism, Impressions 9800, or the Stormbreaker Plus.

Bradey – Site Editor