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Pella Impervia Reviews | #1

I currently have the Pella Imperviaon the back part of my house and the Sunrise Restorations on the font. The Restorations look much nicer and have more features on them – I would have put the Restorations throughout the entire house except there wasn’t alot of color choices, whereas the Impervia had a brown interior and exterior finish color. I’m happy with both options, they don’t leak and they do a great job.

Bill – Homeowner – from 2011

Pella Impervia Reviews | #2

I personally don’t like the look of the Impervia, it’s just ugly and it has fairly weak numbers as well. I’m not sure why anyone actually buys it. It’s basically the bottom of the barrel in terms of fibergalss. Why would anyone buy it when they could get a top end vinyl window for not much more that would blow the doors off the Impervia from the performance standpoint.

Jim – Installer – from 2010

Customer Complaint

I went out and checked out the Pella Impervia fiberglass frame and I didn’t like the look of them. I will say that the casement window was much nicer then the double hungs. When the DHs are closed there is a rubber gasket weatherstripping that runs along the top sash that is straight out ugly (in my opinion). I pointed it out and the rep agreed, saying they have gotten this comment before and recommended painting it.

I found a neighbor in my area who had them and spoke with him about the Impervia and he said that it sticks on the weatherstripping when they try to open them. They asked the Pella installers to replace them but the company has dragged their feet on coming back out. He said he spoke with the salesperson, who doesn’t seem very motivated to fix the problem now that the sale is done.

I’m now considering the Marvin Integrity, which seems to be a replacement only and thus much less expensive. I like the look of this window and the fact that you an get an all fiberglass or a fiberglass outside, wood inside option.

Blaine – Consumer – from 2008

Target Fiberglass Pricing

Milgard Ultra Series: $600 installed

Marvin Integrity Series: $650 installed

Marvin Infinity Series: $750 installed

Pella Impervia Series: $750 installed

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Pros And Cons On The Impervia

I did a bunch of research on the Impervia and this is what I came up with…

– Duracast seems very durable
– Available as a double-hung
– Has a thin clean profile
– Can be custom sized to within a quarter inch (nice for replacement)
– Can be painted (rep said standard finish is better long term option)

– Not available as a triple pane
– The balances seemed cheap & squeaky (demo model)
– Metallic spacer was just mid-range
– Mid range U-value 0.33
– Priced a bit high given comparable performance numbers
– Paint finish seemed a little wavy or uneven on demo

Steve – Consumer – from 2006

Consumer Reports Impervia Ratings

The following is Consumer Reports grade on the Pella Impervia. Please note that our editor staff does not find the CR findings to be particularly impressive. Click to find out selections for best vinyl window.

CR Window Ratings: 87 (out of 100)
Price: $255
Window Resistance At 0 Degrees: Excellent
Window Resistance At 70 Degress: Excellent
Rain Resistance: Very Good
Durability: Excellence
Convenience: Very Good

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