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Editor’s PGT Windows Reviews

PGT windows aren’t exactly a household name, however they are a solid Florida-based manufacturer that makes high quality aluminum clad and vinyl windows. They are known mainly for their hurricane or impact windows that obviously have to stand up to the weather and storms on the Florida coast. The company uses quality components, frames and parts, good craftsmanship, and offers competitive pricing.

PGT windows are found throughout Florida and along the southern coastal states, but that’s pretty much it. They don’t have a huge distribution network and therefore they are limited in where consumers can find them. If PGT does have a rep who services your area, I would absolutely get a bid from them and see what you think of the windows.

Bradey – Site Editor

PGT 5400 Series

We got a quote from two different window installers here in Central Florida, and both for PGT 5400 Series. Only 2 windows are of “standard size” (36 x 72), and 3 were 52 then 1 at 70″. The first quote was for $7077, and the second, for $5240 (but with financing, comes up to $5892). In the end, the first company almost matched the second at $5998. Anyway, I’ve been scouring your site for information on PGT 5400, but couldn’t really find much.

I’d like to know your opinion n a few things:

(1) Of course, did we get a good price or at least a fair one?
(2) Is PGT 5400 of a high end quality vinyl?
(3) How does PGT 5400 compare to Soft Lite?

I’d really appreciate your input.

Maria – Homeowner – from 2017

Site Editor’s Reply

Maria, the PGT5400 is a god mid quality vinyl single hung window. Your quote of $1000 per window is at first glance quite high (this might not be the case, but you need a couple more price quotes before you can confirm this or not). I would say that Soft-Lite is the better brand between the two, but keep in mind that each company offers a number of different series, from entry level to mid range to premium so its important to know what you are comparing.

I would absolutely get a bid from the Soft-Lite dealer if you can. I would suggest going with the Classic or Pro (mid range), Imperial LS or Elements (high end). The Classic or Pro are good windows, probably a notch better than the 5400, but not by much.

I would also try and get a bid from CWS or Custom Window Systems, who are also based out of Florida, and are often considered the equivalent of PGT. CWS is a little less known than the PGT, but they make sure quality vinyl and aluminum clad windows.

Finally, you could always get a bid from Simonton on one of their better windows, including the Platinum Prism, Impressions 9800, or the Stormbreaker Plus.

Bradey – Site Editor

PGT 5400 Windows vs. Wincore 7700

I have a similar quote for Wincore 7700 series & PGT 5400 windows. It is for 6 single hung & 1 large sliding window in a wood frame home in Ocala fl . $2300 was quote for both brands within a few dollars . For that money which is the better window . I think they are both good PGT is known more for their hurricane coastal windows compared to Wincore similarities to simonton . Thank you for your feed back

Mark – Homeowner – from 2017

Site Editor’s Reply

Hey there Mark. I think you are right on with your analysis of the two brands. I like going with a local company (to the state at least) whenever possible because if something goes wrong down the road, it’s much easier to get in contact with them and/or find local distributors who may be able to help you out, get parts, give advise, etc. This strengthens the case for PGT.

The price you’ve been quoted sounds very fair, I’ve seen these windows sold at more like $500 to $550 completely installed. If it were me, I’d opt for PGT 5400 windows.

Bradey – Site Editor

PGT 2100 Series Reviews

I have been reading window reviews. My new addition we put Pella in at no cheap cost. I am now looking to begin a steady replacement of windows withing the older section of the home. I can put in the PGT 2100 windows, which my contractor recommends. My question is: Is that contractor grade? Should I be looking for the 2300 series etc. I really can’t find a lot of information on the differences in the windows on the PGT website?

[Contractor Response]
The 2100 is PGT’s base model and is really considered their “budget” window. The 2200 is a good window (I believe only available as a single hung) – the design is made for block structure & based on the 2100 (new construction).

My advice would be to step up to either their 2300 Double Hung or their 400 Single Hung. These are much better windows and have better DP & AI numbers. Get a quote on the PGT 2300 series and see if it’s your price range — if it isn’t, see if your contractor can make some adjustments (maybe to the hardware options or glass package) to fit it in….PGT is a good manufacturer and assuming your contractor has a good working relationship with them, you should be fine. I would push to get into the 2300 if possible…

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PGT Impact Windows

I don’t think they’re very well known in a lot of places, but PGT is pretty popular down here in Florida. They kind of broke out in the late 90s. Their biggest sellers are the hurricane impact windows. That’s a big deal here with the risk of storms every year. They have standard windows also, but they aren’t as common in Florida. I work with a lot of different brands and PGT makes a good window.

Thomas – Builder – Florida

PGT 2200 Reviews

I would say PGT is a solid choice for a mid grade window. The 2200 and 2300 would be my recommendation and I’d compare it to a Simonton 5500, although I think it’s slightly nicer looking and beats the 5500 on performance numbers as well. The company is solid on quality and consistency and handles issues well. A top choice for a mid grade vinyl.

Bill – Contractor – North Carolina

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Hurricane Window Options

PGT windows are excellent. They’ve definitely put the time and money into engineering and testing their product. The have so many certifications that you can tell they put the effort into that as well. Their series cost a fair amount, maybe $600 a window with installation, but if I wanted cheap windows there are literally hundreds of manufacturers who I could have gone with instead. I wanted something decent that might be able to make it through a real storm and I was willing to pay for it.

I just got my brother to put PGT Hurricane windows in his house too. His old windows were in terrible shape and the house is over 50 years old. He has been happy with them, no more leaks and drafts. The installers they sent him were really good and managed to get the windows to fit just right and look great.

Bryan – Consumer – Florida

Target PGT Pricing

2300 Series: $600 installed

400 Impact Series: $700 installed

WinGuard Hurricane Series: $800 installed

2800 PremierVue Series: $800 installed

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PGT WinGuard Reviews

I replaced all of my home’s windows with PGT WinGuards. There was a small problem with a sliding door that didn’t fit right, so it took an extra day, but they were able to get it done and make it look great. I had expected the power bill to drop a little and I was shocked when it was just a little over half what it had been.

They were more expensive than some of the other brands we looked at, but I think they were worth is. It’s nice to have windows that should withstand a hurricane, as I have one less thing to worry about when storm season comes. The only complaint that I have is that there isn’t a lot of options to choose from style-wise. There were some other brands that I thought looked better. I don’t regret the PGT though, as the combination of price and features is perfect.

Kate – Consumer – Alabama

Customer Satisfaction

I think that PGT windows are great! We put them in our house in Ft Lauderdale and it lowered the temperature in out home a lot. They look great, and for being hurricane window rating compliant, the price was amazing. Some others that are designed for the same winds are a lot more. They answered all of my questions and I was happy with the service. My only real issue was that the amount of lead time to order the windows was longer than other options.

Diane – Consumer – Florida